Mac Address Book

So you have purchased a new Mac? Awesome! In my personal experience, window users face a lot of challenges in understanding “The Mac Ways“. But do not worry my friend.

This series of blogs is what you have been waiting for. In the coming weeks, I’ll post the most sought after Mac queries for the new Mac Users. This is the second post in the series. If you want to checkout the first one – The Mac Ways, Click here to read it.

Like a windows computer Mac also has a Address Book. I know, I know, who uses an Address Book on a computer. But I assure you, Once you start using it, you’ll never going to NOT use it! In fact the Mac Address Book is loaded with features. Come, let’s explore these.

One awesome feature of the MAB is that it works in tandem with other applications on your Mac. For e.g., while composing an email, the MAB will suggest you names while typing in the recipient’s email in the To/CC/BCC fields.

Cool! Isn’t it?

Now the question is how do I find where the Address Book is? Well there are multiple ways to it. But I’m going to tell you the one trick that is going to help you finding not just the MAB but literally any application on your system. Are you ready?

Keep the Command button down and press Spacebar once. This will open One of coolest feature of the Mac – Spotlight. Type in Address Book and press enter. It’ll launch your MAB.

Let’s take a look at the MAB

The MAB is divided in to 3 columns – Groups, Names, & Individual Details.


The left-most column is a placeholder to display all the groups you can create in your MAB. The very first group is β€œAll”. Self-explanatory, Clicking on it will show all the contacts present on your MAC in the second column, i.e., Names.

How to Create a Group?

Press Command button along with the SHIFT button and press N. Boom! A new group is created in the first column, i.e., Groups. Provide a name to this group. That’s it. We have our brand new group.

How to add contacts to the Group?

There are multiple ways, I’ll show you the 2 basic ones. If you want to add an existing contact to this new group, click on the group -ALL.

All the contacts will be shown in the 2nd column, i.e., Names. Drag the desired names to this new group and you are done!

Adding a New Contact to a group, select the group in the Column Groups. Notice there is another plus sign at the bottom of the Details columns. Click that and add the contact details . This contact will be added to the selected Group.

Added a contact to the wrong Group?

No worries. simply select the group. Select the contact that doesn’t belong and just Delete.

Don’t worry, the contact will only be removed from the Group. It’ll still be available under the Group – All.

Your Mac can create Smart Groups

The MAB has the capability of creating smart groups for you. Let me explain this with the help of an example.

I have friends, colleagues, acquaintances with same names, I know the population plight! Anyways. so, I have a Brad who I worked with while I was in CEB and I have a Brad who I worked with while I was in IBM, and I surely don’t want to send emails to the wrong Brad.

I created a Smart Group for CEB, which only had people from CEB & I created another smart group for IBM. While creating the Smart groups we can specify who needs to be added to a group, like, name, city, email domains, etc.

How to create a Smart Group?

In the top menu bar, Click on File, on the drop down menu, you’ll see the the option – “New Smart Group“. Click it. Give a name to this group and provide the criteria that you want to implement on this group, and that’s it. Your new Smart Group is ready.

Remember, only contacts that will match the visibility criteria specified by you while creating the group will be shown in this group.

Let’s checkout the second Column – Names

I somehow feel, by this time you are already an Address Book Ninja and you don’t need me to tell you about this. But, in order to complete the article, I’ll still do it πŸ™‚

As the name suggests, this column displays the names of all the contacts in your MAB.

The third Column – Individual Details

Pretty self explanatory, this section shows the details of the individual selected in the Names column.

I have a long list of contacts, I need a Search feature

Absolutely, Center Column – Names, up-top. Use the search bar to locate the contact. This is a dynamic search bar, which means the search results will change after every key press. You don’t need to type in the entire name and then press enter.

Oops I entered incorrect phone number

No worries, simply select the contact from the list and in the details section you’ll find an Edit button at the bottom. Hit it! Make your edits. To save the updated information click on Done button.

All right! This is it. Please do like and leave a comment. In case you have a specific request you can leave a comment in the comment box or drop us a message.

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What is Deep Web?

Well the answer to this questions in not that simple. Before we get in to the realm of Deep Web, we need to understand the World Wide Web or more commonly known as WWW or Internet.

We all love to surf the Internet, I haven’t met a single soul that can tell me otherwise. Everyone has their poison, some like social media sites, some read blogs, some listen to music, but in some or the other way we are spending time on internet Daily.

According to Google, average Internet Users spend 144 minutes on the internet. That’s more than 2 hours daily. However, If we change the age group to 23-35, they are spending 211 minutes, that’s a little over 3.5 hours daily. This is staggering amount of time people are spending on the internet. Our beloved Internet.

Did you know, the Internet that we know & surf is only 4% of what is accessible to a normal Internet User. 96% is what makes up Deep Web!

I’m not making up these numbers, this is as per Google.

This 4% of Internet that is accessible to a normal Internet User is know as Surface Web. The sites that you surf daily are present & accessible here, viz., Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Deep Web is the remaining 96% of the internet that is not accessible. This is that portion of the internet that is not indexed by the search engines. Neither can we search Deep Web Sites using normal search engines nor can we access these sites. Only Authorized people can access these sites. The best e.g., is your bank account. I cannot access it since I do not have the access or permission. Other e.g., is MIlitary networks, Govt Networks. Neither can you see them in the search results nor can you access those.

Certain sites, that are neither financial records nor military or Govt networks, still belong to the Deep Web, since they do not use the traditional Top-Level Domain names, i.e., .com, .gov., in, etc. Rather they use the non-conventional names. You’d be surprised to know that the most famous domain extension in the Deep Web is .onion?

Did you know Facebook too is present on the Deep Web? I mean not the Facebook that You and I know. It’s with the .onion extension.

Even Duck Duck Go has a Deep Web presence

However, to access the sites from the Deep Web you’ll need a different browser, your Chrome, Firefox, IE cannot open these sites.

One Famous browser to access Deep Web is Tor Browser.

The Dark Web is the subset of the Deep Web. This is the most difficult & unsafe part of the web to access.  The Dark Web is is within multiple layers of proxy networks, known as Darknets.

Normal browsers cannot access it, we’ve already established this. The Deep Web relies on peer-2-peer connections made between trusted peers and some special software and even some special hardware in some cases.

Hope you liked this article. Let us know in case you want similar articles.

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Lockdown Has changed the Marketing Game

Well, we are in the Unlock 1. But the Lockdown that we had, has changed the marketing game a lot. While the Nation came to a stand still for well over 2 months, industries, small businesses, individual all were affected.

People stayed in their homes for over 2 months with the bare minimum purchasing. We only invested in “What’s important for survival“. Food & medicines. I don’t think anyone missed new clothes or new shoes or even a new Car for that matter.

Why? Because, it was our life or all these worldly pleasures. Obviously, our life was more important. If we lived today, we can get all these tomorrow(when the market opens).

But this lockdown made 1 thing abundantly clear, at least in my mind, there is very less that we actually NEED. Everything else is what we WANT? There is a difference.

How the Lockdown has affected Marketing?

Since people were living with only the basic stuff and buying the basic stuff, every other commodity was in the leisure column. People survived without a new show or a new shirt, but they couldn’t have survived without food & medicines.

So how do businesses that do not deal in food in medicines survive? Especially, small businesses.

Well, people will come around and still start buying stuff from the leisure column. But the market has become a lot more competitive. Since, the businesses have old inventories and depending on their industry they need to get rid of it sooner than later.

For e.g., FMCG industry has already faced huge losses or facing as you read it right now. However, Manufacturing Industry is still hopeful. Their products will not rot in the warehouses, but non-purchasing of the items are levying huge burden & lot of costs impact to their pockets – rent, electricity, salary etc.

What’s the new Marketing Mantra?

Well to reduce some costs, business shut down their marketing campaigns, for obvious reasons. If people were not buying during the lockdown, there was no point of spending money on the Marketing Campaigns.

Now, during the unlock when the markets have opened, businesses have some other problems to deal with – stocked warehouses, lesser staff, competitive rates.

People are willing to sell their stuff at throw away prices, just to get their investment back, forget profits.

This has changed the way business are approaching the masses. The messaging has changed a lot. Now, all you need to do it just get the right message to the right set of people(your potential customers). You don’t even have to worry about to polish it make it look exceptionally good, unlike in the pre-COVID19 era, where businesses used to spend millions of Rupees. Now only a simple Facebook Ad shown to your potential Client base should be enough.

Costs will be cheaper, since everyone is trying to get rid of their stock. Moreover, costs are driven by demand. If there is no or lesser demand the cost is bound to get low.

I’m willing to bet that businesses will shift their focus to the Digital Marketing from the traditional marketing. There are multiple reasons for this shift but he most logical one is Social Distancing. Business can can get their online Campaigns setup and run with the help of an expert or by themselves online. No need to meet unwanted number of peoples for getting an Outdoor hoarding Ad. Or meeting a Newspaper Editor for a News paper ad, etc.

Let us know in case you have any questions or need more insights in to this, we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

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Woah! I don’t want to start a war guys! Just an honest opinion on the prevailing dilemma(just like Node or Deno πŸ˜‰ ).

So before I get too deep in it. Let me take this opportunity to first explain what are these Acronyms.

SQL or Structured Query Language  is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed for managing data held in a relational database management system, or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system.

I’ll try it in English this time πŸ˜‰

Basically your data is stored somewhere and in order to access the data we need some set of instructions. Those specific set of instructions are written in SQL. It allows us to dynamically fetch any stored information as and when required. The important point to remember is that the data is stored in multiple tables. Every data table has multiple rows, individual record or tuple and multiple columns which are fields like age, gender, etc. They are also referred to as attributes.

Here is an image of a SQL database with 1 tuple, i.e., record and 3 fields or attributes, i.e., name, phone, & country.

Whereas NoSQL is Not only SQL. A NoSQL database provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modeled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases.

What it means is that the way the data is stored is entirely different. NO tables, rows or columns exist. Still, the data is being stored. NoSQL databases are document based, key-value pairs, graph databases.

  "name": "ThinkWeb India",
  "phone": 9991119991,
  "country": "India",

In the above e.g., “name” is the Key & Thinkweb India is the value of the key. It’s the simplest e.g., that I shared.

It’s really not fair to say which one is better, because both have their pros & cons. I’m not getting into those in this blog. However, if you are interested give me a shout-out and I’ll do a in depth article stating the pros & cons of both SQL & NoSQL.

SQL – MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Lite, to name some.

NoSQL – Apache CouchDB, Couchbase, MongoDB, Firebase, RethinkDB are a few examples of NoSQL out there.

This was just an attempt to put it out there that both do exist, and both have their specific advantages. Depending on the application’s need a suitable choice should be made.

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Cascading Style Sheets

I have always been a fan of the Cascading Style Sheets or more commonly known as CSS. It’s that fine tuning that you can do to your web page to make it look even better. There is no limit to what you can do using CSS techniques.

Let me prove it by showing an example, The CSS3 image below is a standard way of showing images. If you try moving your mouse over it, nothing will happen. Go on try it!

See, nothing happened. On a mobile device try tapping it. Nothing will happen. However, try the same on the image below.

Woah! Did you see that? As you move your mouse over the image it appears to shift down. Cool! Right?

This creates a visual effect that the Button goes down by the weight of the mouse. Now we can add click events to it as well. But for this demo let’s not get into that just yet.

Come let’s see how easy it is. All you need is just 3 lines of code to add this magic to your images and Buttons.

img.wp-image-1:hover {
	position: relative;
	top: 10px;

What this code does is that Upon Hover, i.e., when the mouse comes on the image it pushes the image down by 10 pixels.

Using such tricks and more can enhance your site’s User Experience. People remember nice effects and specifically ask for it. I remember being bugged for a particular one – Adding a Mouse Trail of snow flakes on the web site. This became very famous in early 2000. Anyways I Digress.

The CSS trick I just showed, it is so simple and easy that anyone do it. The possibilities are endless. You can enhance your website by just some simple CSS code.

Need to make customizations to your site? Let us help you out! In case you want to see something specific in action do not hesitate. Let us know and we shall oblige!

So long!

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