Learning the Mac Ways

This post will assist you with getting comfortable and accustomed with the Mac OS. If you are thinking or have already purchased your first Mac system, this post is just right for you 🙂

I’ll be gentle 😉 Don’t worry. I was you, 6 years ago when I got my first Mac. I know the feeling. But Windows users lack a basic definition – it’s a Mac, It’s different. Lol, I feel like Javed Jaffery right now.

Mac OS Simplified

The home of your Mac is the desktop, think of it as your physical space where you may temporarily spread your work while performing a task, just like windows, eh!

e.g., you might download a wallpaper on your desktop, make some modifications, and then attach it in an email. Just remember, while the desktop is a great workspace it not a good place to store files long-term, again, just like windows. Tell me something I don’t know Grrr!

The Dock

The taskbar on your windows system? It’s called a Dock here. Almost similar features and functionality.

How to add an Application to the Dock?

Use Launchpad, it’s a complete overview of all your applications on your computer. You’ll find Launchpad in the left most part of your Dock.

Click on it to view all your applications, then drag any application onto the dock to create a new shortcut.

Another way is to press Command Key & Spacebar together. It launches the Spotlight search field. Find your desired application and drag it to the Dock!

How to remove an item from the dock, quite simple actually! Just drag it out and hold it over the desktop. After a couple of seconds, a “remove” label shows up. Release the icon and the application shortcut is removed from the Dock.


Unlike Windows, the top-most Menu changes with every active application on your computer. Pay attention, If you are in a Word file the top-most menu will pertain to Word. However, if the focus then shifts to the Finder window, the top-most menu will change accordingly.

If there is ever anything you want to do in a certain application, try to find it in these menus.

Well, there is a lot to be told. However, I’m a lil short on time today. Maybe next time. Enjoy your new Mac.

If you need more details, or a detailed overview. Please do contact me here. I’ll be more than happy to write a a full blown article for you. Or who knows, maybe a one-O-one session on Mac made easy!

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