What is Deep Web?

Well the answer to this questions in not that simple. Before we get in to the realm of Deep Web, we need to understand the World Wide Web or more commonly known as WWW or Internet.

We all love to surf the Internet, I haven’t met a single soul that can tell me otherwise. Everyone has their poison, some like social media sites, some read blogs, some listen to music, but in some or the other way we are spending time on internet Daily.

According to Google, average Internet Users spend 144 minutes on the internet. That’s more than 2 hours daily. However, If we change the age group to 23-35, they are spending 211 minutes, that’s a little over 3.5 hours daily. This is staggering amount of time people are spending on the internet. Our beloved Internet.

Did you know, the Internet that we know & surf is only 4% of what is accessible to a normal Internet User. 96% is what makes up Deep Web!

I’m not making up these numbers, this is as per Google.

This 4% of Internet that is accessible to a normal Internet User is know as Surface Web. The sites that you surf daily are present & accessible here, viz., Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Deep Web is the remaining 96% of the internet that is not accessible. This is that portion of the internet that is not indexed by the search engines. Neither can we search Deep Web Sites using normal search engines nor can we access these sites. Only Authorized people can access these sites. The best e.g., is your bank account. I cannot access it since I do not have the access or permission. Other e.g., is MIlitary networks, Govt Networks. Neither can you see them in the search results nor can you access those.

Certain sites, that are neither financial records nor military or Govt networks, still belong to the Deep Web, since they do not use the traditional Top-Level Domain names, i.e., .com, .gov., in, etc. Rather they use the non-conventional names. You’d be surprised to know that the most famous domain extension in the Deep Web is .onion?

Did you know Facebook too is present on the Deep Web? I mean not the Facebook that You and I know. It’s with the .onion extension.

Even Duck Duck Go has a Deep Web presence

However, to access the sites from the Deep Web you’ll need a different browser, your Chrome, Firefox, IE cannot open these sites.

One Famous browser to access Deep Web is Tor Browser.

The Dark Web is the subset of the Deep Web. This is the most difficult & unsafe part of the web to access.  The Dark Web is is within multiple layers of proxy networks, known as Darknets.

Normal browsers cannot access it, we’ve already established this. The Deep Web relies on peer-2-peer connections made between trusted peers and some special software and even some special hardware in some cases.

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