Installing Applications on MAC

This series of blogs “The MAC Ways” is an attempt to make it easy for new MAC users who have Windows experience. In the coming weeks, I’ll post the most sought after Mac queries for the new Mac Users. If you want to read other blogs in the series, here are the links:

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Let’s get on with this brand new topic for the blog – Installation of Applications.

Again, unlike Windows it’s a bit different. But don’t worry this blog will show you in detail 2 common methods of installation.

Method 1 – Installation from the App Store

Open the App Store from your Launch Pad. It’s the little Rocket icon in the Applications Folder or on your Dock(Taskbar in Windows).

Search for the desired Application in the App Store, I was looking for an image editor

Once you’ve shortlisted the app, Click on the Blue GET button. The button will change to a Green INSTALL button.

Click on the Install Button and it’ll change to a circular progress bar.

Once the installation is complete the circular progress bar will change to Open Button. Click it to open the newly installed Application.

Method 2 – Installing Application from other sources

Now this is the home turf for Windows Users. Installing applications from other sources, viz., Product websites. Let’s check out how this pans out.

The Image editor that I downloaded from the App Store was not quite what I wanted. Hence after some research I found GIMP that’ll suite my requirements.

So I went to their website and downloaded the Package to my disk.

I saved the GIMP Package to my local drive

Double click on the Package. You’ll notice that the downloaded file will have a .DMG extension.

DMG files are macOS disk image files. When opened, an MAC Disk Image is mounted as a volume within the Macintosh Finder.

In order to successfully complete the installation we have to drag the New Application icon to the “Applications” folder.

Let the copying process complete. Once done, your new application will be available in the Applications folder.

Launch it using the Launchpad!

With that today we’ve learnt how to Install applications on your MAC using 2 very common and simple methods.

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