Uninstalling Applications on MAC

This series of blogs is what you have been waiting for. In the coming weeks, I’ll post the most sought after Mac queries for the new Mac Users. This is the third post in the series. If you want to checkout the first two you can checkout the links below:

  1. The Mac Ways
  2. MAC Address Book

Now let’s get on with today’s topic – How do I uninstall an Application? I don’t see an Uninstaller?

Well, I struggled a lot in my initial days of MAC with this particular “problem“. Yes, this is a problem if you are coming from the windows background and started using MAC.

The first question is “How do I uninstall an Application?“. Well the easy and unbelievable answer is – Just drag the damn thing to the Trash! It’s that simple.

And the second question is “Why my MAC still says Disk Full, I’ve uninstalled/Deleted the Applications?

Let’s get to it then –

Open your Launchpad and drag the application to the Trash. This will “Uninstall/Delete” your application from the system.

And it’s that’s simple! No looking for an uninstaller and waiting for the uninstaller to remove all the files and all.

Not so soon! Almost all Windows users are not accustomed to this next very Important step.

Empty your Trash

Why you ask? Well, because unlike Windows until you empty the trash the application uninstallation is still not complete. It is important to understand that no application is uninstalled/deleted until you empty the Trash. Until you do so, the application/files are in a hidden folder and still using your disk space.

Now your application is truly removed from the system freeing up the precious Disk Space!

Hope this short article was helpful to you. Even if 1 person finds this helpful, the purpose of this blog is achieved.

If you have a specific query about your MAC and need some help do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding solution to your problem.

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