What is my MaC OS Version?

This series of blogs “The MAC Ways” is an attempt to make it easy for new MAC users who have Windows experience. In the coming weeks, I’ll post the most sought after Mac queries for the new Mac Users. If you want to read other blogs in the series, here are the links:

  1. The Mac Ways
  2. MAC Address Book
  3. Uninstalling Applications on MAC
  4. Installing Applications on MAC

Let’s get on with this brand new topic for the blog – What is my MAC Version

Well this is the question that haunts every new MAC user. Moreso, how do I know and where do I click to know?

Well the easiest and fastest method is which I’m going to share today.

Go to your Desktop & on the Top Left corner you’ll see an Apple Icon, click on it.

On the drop down look for “About this Mac“. Click on it.

It shall open a new window, and here you are. You’ll see your Mac version on the window.

You’ll have multiple tabs on this window. Explore away!

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