MAC OS Recovery Mode to reset your password

The MAC Ways is an attempt to make it easy for new MAC users who have Windows experience. In the coming weeks, I’ll post the most sought after Mac queries for the new Mac Users. If you want to read other blogs in the series, here are the links:

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Let’s get on with this brand new topic for the blogReset MAC password using the MAC OS Recovery Tool

Forgot my password and I’m Locked out of my Computer. How can I reset my Password?

This is a tricky one and needs some knowledge of the OS. If you are ever locked out of your MAC you can use MAC OS Recovery tool. Below are the steps to reset your password using the MAC OS Recovery tool-

  • Shut down your MAC.
  • Hold down Command + R key and then press the power button on the keyboard. Your MAC will boot in to recovery mode.
  • When you see the progress bar let go of the Command & R keys. It could take a couple of minutes to load.
  • You’ll see a Language Selection screen, choose your preferred language and click on the Next > arrow
  • On the menu bar click on Utilities & then click on Terminal.
  • Type ❝resetpassword❞ all one word, small letters, without the quotes and hit enter
  • It’ll launch the Reset Password Window. Change the password and make sure to mention the password hint as well. Hit Next > Arrow.
  • Your password is now reset. Restart the computer and you have the controls back in your hand.

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