Why do realtors need an Online Booking Module in 2020

We are past half-way in 2020 and I still do not see any respite in the COVID19 situation. Businesses have been hit hard. People are not getting out of their homes and rightly so, It’s Safe to stay home. That protects you, Your family and most importantly lesser chance of community transmission.

I was speaking to a friend of mine last nite who deals in real estate, he brought this up that “What if Realtors develop their own Online Booking Module?” And just like that, it hit me like a Bus.

Real Estate business is among one of the worst hit businesses due to COVID19. How about if I can develop an Online Booking Module for Realtors, it would help them considerably.

Before we get in to the How? Let’s first understand Why?

Why do we need an Online Booking Module in the first place?

Clients are not visiting the property sites, for obvious reasons, by doing so we’ll be taking the business where the clients are, to their Homes. Clients can take a look at the Images, Videos of the property on the website and in case they are satisfied, they can pay the Booking amount right then and block the property.

Property Owners will have to be a little creative and Lenient here in order to get maximum Bookings, viz., The Booking Amount should be Fully refundable. This way clients will not feel trapped or threatened that they might lose their money in case they choose otherwise at a later stage.

An Online Booking Module will save loads of paperwork, you just select your favorite property, provide your PAN Number, maybe upload a copy of Aadhar Card and pay online. Boom! That’s it.

Need your own Online Booking Module? Give us a call or Contact us.

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