4 Reasons why your Android phone Keeps restarting

So this happened to me in this past week, almost every time I picked up my phone for something I noticed there is no service, in both my SIM cards and within a couple of seconds it comes back. More surprising was that when I tried to unlock my phone using the fingerprint sensor it asks me my 4-digit PIN. Initially I did not pay any attention to it but it became a regular feature, Like ALMOST every effing time. Then I noticed a small text mentioned on the screen where I was supposed to enter the 4-digit PIN – “Device needs extra security after it restarts.”

It then dawned on me that all this while I was unaware of this and my Device was restarting every time.

The first thing that came to my mind was – “Is my phone infected with any virus?“, more threatening thought was that – “There is some worm or malware in my phone“, “What if it steals my banking information?

Scary! Right?

Well, those all were legit concerns, so I did a little check on my phone and realised that the reason my phone was doing what it was doing because my storage was almost FULL. Android devices needs at least 10% free storage to function properly.

Then I got more curious and dug a little more. Below is what I found out and I thought I should share it with you guys, because this is a very normal problem and anyone and everyone can face it sooner or later.

4 Reasons why my Android phone Keeps restarting!

Keep your Android OS up-to-date

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  2. Select System and then Advanced and then System update.
  3. Your update status will appear. Follow the steps on the screen (if any).

Delete Unwanted files, images, videos from your phone

As I mentioned before, Android NEEDS at least 10% FREE storage to function properly. In todays times, we receive image & video messages on social media platforms, whatsapp messages that gets stored on our device memory. We do not realize how much device space these files take up and eventually we face Memory Full issues.

Delete old & unwanted images & video files from your phone and release some memory for the phone to work with.

Phone Crashes while using some particular App

Definitely an issue with the App, Try Updating the App from the Play Store. If the issue still persists, contact the App Developper.

Or if you can live without the app or Can find a replacement app, Uninstall the app.

Close your Apps that you are not using

We all have a tendency of moving from one app to another WITHOUT closing the prior. That leads to multiple apps open in the background with every app demanding their share of memory. This can cause in the smooth functioning of your Android. Do remember to close all apps that You are NOT using.

Hope this post helps someone out there. I had to do a little bit of research myself but I tried narrowing it down to the most common reasons that anyone can troubleshoot themselves. No technical knowledge needed.

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