Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions

Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions started in 2007, when noticing a gap in the market for high quality hair extensions applied professionally to create a natural look. Having found that there were many salons ‘having a go’ but none specializing in the field.

Manchester Collection

Manchester Collection is the destination for your bed linen and home decor needs. Offering contemporary as well as classic styles, we specialise in quality, unique products at affordable prices.


This is an online fashion website. eCommerce enabled site. Dhaka based client wanted this site to be built ground up ASAP. We built this online store in 4 days and helped the client to launch it as per their strict timelines. Fully responsive, Mobile first, eCommerce Site.


Mariincatering are known primarily for the quality they offer and the reasonable price level, and their charm lies not only in the delicious food, but also in the professional organization of the party, i.e. in thinking through the details. 

Allure Cosmetics

Allure cosmetics is one of the best online beauty store where you can shop the broadest selection of skin beauty products, hair care products, men grooming and lots more and have them shipped directly to your door step or office at your own will over.


Udyan Tea is based out of Darjeeling district, the homeland of all-things-tea. This means we bring the high-quality tea from our lands, sourced out directly from the best gardens, directly to you by cutting out all middlemen, and in the process, reducing the timeframe between production and consumption.


This was a developer aggregating website, where, customers may come and hire someone to build them an online product.

It’s a fully responsive, mobile-first website.


ThingsXess offers IoT based innovative solutions to public and private sector organizations. Their cloud hosted user dashboards provide data visualization offering valuable insights.


Anova Tech provides superior consulting services for managing the implementation of Networking, Retail, Health & Telecom Systems in the industry, serving both the domestic and international sectors.

Save eModi Game

We built this game just before the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019. This game was built sensing the trend in the Indian Political arena. It was just for fun.

Russian Roulette – 1 Bullet

Russian roulette is a virtual game of chance in which a player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against his or her head, and pulls the trigger.

Save eMoji

We developed this Android Only Mobile Game – Save eMoji. It is a pretty basic and simple game. Ideal for playing when you absolutely have nothing to do. It will keep you engaged and stress-free!

hbGST (host books GST) App

It helps users to get the latest news and updates along with related articles, knowledge base, GST resource centre, FAQs about GST, GST Law with detailed Chapters and their respective sections, GST Draft Rules, GST Schedule and GST Calculator.

Weather App

Built a mobile app for a US client. It was a pretty basic mobile app that showed the current weather, forecast weather for the next week and gave the user an option to choose the temperature unit between Fahrenheit & Celsius.


We built this app for a client in Texas, US. This was a geo-location enabled mobile app, wherein, users can send a distress signal on the app for assistance and people registered to the app, in the vicinity had the ability to respond to the distress signal.

DSM Meerut

We built an Android app “Digital Security Meerut [DSM]” for Meerut Police Department. This app was used before & during the constituency elections in Meerut in 2016.

Food Corner

We built a mobile app – Food Corner, for a client in Nepal. It was an ecommerce enabled mobile app. Need to launch your mobile app,


This was an Android Only Mobile App. The app allowed users to Register themselves & get in a Chat Room of their interest to chat with people. This was built on the principles of Yahoo Chat Rooms.


Founded In 2013, General Street Marketing Pvt. Ltd Is Among Prominent Advertising Companies in India. They needed their website created ASAP. We built their site in 6 days and delivered them their final, professional site.

Career Fair

We built a mobile app for a US based firm. They wanted us to build a mobile app that their team would use during the CEB Career Fair for capturing educational & contact details of college undergrads.


We built a mobile app for a client based in California, US. This app was designed specifically for business owners who needed help at the time of filing Tax Returns. Handling Internal Revenue Service [IRS] can be quite a handful at times.

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