Remove an Empty Group from Launchpad

Recently I installed XAMPP on my MAC and uninstalled it since what I wanted was MAMP and not XAMP. Anyways, today I noticed that there is an empty group/folder on the Launchpad. I tried uninstalling/delete it by pressing down the Option Key but the folder did not showed an X mark. Basically I tried all the ways listed in the Uninstalling Applications on MAC but none of them worked.

I tried looking for an empty folder in the Applications folder too, did not find anything there too.

So the question was How do I remove an empty folder that cannot be Deleted? Tricky, isn’t it?

Let’s see if we can delete this group that is empty and cannot be deleted.

Below are the steps to get rid of this ominous folder and situation:

  1. Drag any app to the Empty Group
  2. Open the Group and you’ll see the App that you dragged in to it.
  3. Drag the App back to the Launchpad
  4. Boom! the Empty Group will be deleted Automatically.

There it is, simple. I know, It’s only simple if you know the steps else it could be like an earworm, constantly irritating & bugging.

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