Build Free Website in 20 Mins

Yes! You read it correct. Your very own website and that too Completely FREE!

Google Sites allows you to Make your own Websites for free. No more worrying about the Hosting, the DNS Forwarding, etc. Just login and begin building your site.

It’s as simple as Drafting an email. Trust me! Watch the video below. I Built a Boutique Site under 20 mins.

Make Site on Google Sites

Imagine what you can do with your idea and Google Sites.

The Mac ways series blogs

  1. The Mac Ways
  2. MAC Address Book
  3. Uninstalling Applications on MAC
  4. Installing Applications on MAC
  5. What is my MAC OS Version
  6. CTRL + ALT + DEL on MAC
  7. Where is my Library Folder on MAC?
  8. MAC Trackpad – Cheatsheet
  9. MAC OS – Tips and Tricks
  10. Reset MAC password using the MAC OS Recovery Tool
  11. Enable Three Finger Drag
  12. Lesser Known Facts about MAC
  13. Lesser Known Facts about MAC Part 2
  14. How do I Right Click on a MAC?
  15. Spotlight Search
  16. Setting up a Screensaver on MAC
  17. Delete Files in your Trash Automatically
  18. Check the Health of your Mac’s Battery
  19. How to get Maximum out of your MAC Battery
  20. Google Chrome Easter Eggs

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